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Sorry, this course is not currently available on the website. The usual reason for this to happen is that the course is either no longer running or has already run. If you believe this to be incorrect please contact us using our enquiry form.

Below are a selection of courses that we are running, based on the subject of the course you were looking for:

  • Basic Statistics for the Social Sciences
    The aim of this course is to provide a good grounding in the basic statistical methods used in the social sciences - in particular in Business Studies, Economics, Psychology and their applications.
  • The Number Mysteries (Online)
    It is hard to imagine a world without numbers, but how natural is mathematics? We explore this very question through numerous online activities and “at home” experiments, which allow you to interact with mathematics as you will have never done before.
  • Counting and Calculation - a journey through practical mathematics
    Mathematics arose from calculation, and this weekend school brings together a noted group of eminent mathematicians to discuss mathematics in relation to fiercely practical problems.
  • Paradoxes of Science
    The course aims to discuss some famous and awe inspiring paradoxes of mathematics and science, the course will investigate each paradox mentioned and discuss the history and consequences of each.

Alternatively you can perform a keyword search on all our courses using the 'Find courses' box on this page.