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Sorry, this course is not currently available on the website. The usual reason for this to happen is that the course is either no longer running or has already run. If you believe this to be incorrect please contact us using our enquiry form.

Below are a selection of courses that we are running, based on the subject of the course you were looking for:

  • Using Mathematics to cure diseases - the 2nd annual Mathematics and Biology Day
    This day offers a short, non-technical, account of areas where mathematics contributes to medical science including contributions to both fundamental biology and to medicine.
  • Statistics for Non-Mathematicians
    We intoduce statistics to the complete beginner. Topics will include: measures of central tendency, dispersion and numerous continous and discrete probability distributions.
  • Introduction to Topology
    We will study the basic theory and the topological properties of the Möbius bands, the torus and the Klein bottles to explain why a topologist cannot distinguish between a doughnut and a tea cup.
  • Learning to Program in C
    An introductory course on programming with an emphasis on general programming and algorithm design, using the popular C language.
  • You Can Count on It - Maths in Finance
    In this brief course we shall look at how mathematics contributes to finance and business. Our course is suitable for people with previous experience of mathematics at the sixth-form level and aims to provide an elementary introduction to the mathematics.

Alternatively you can perform a keyword search on all our courses using the 'Find courses' box on this page.

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