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Sorry, this course is not currently available on the website. The usual reason for this to happen is that the course is either no longer running or has already run. If you believe this to be incorrect please contact us using our enquiry form.

Below are a selection of courses that we are running, based on the subject of the course you were looking for:

  • Undergraduate Certificate of Higher Education
    Students can use credit obtained from weekly classes, short online courses, linked day schools, practical weekends and attendance at the Oxford University Summer School for Adults to count towards gaining an award from the University of Oxford.
  • ‘A World Turned Upside Down’? English Civil War & Revolution, 1642-1660
    The Civil War resonates with imagery: cavaliers and roundheads, defiant Charles I, and puritanical Cromwell. These images tell only half the story. For England not only lost a king, and gained a Lord Protector, but, truly was a ‘world turned upside down.
  • `How Special?` Anglo-American Relations since 1776
    Just how special is the relationship between Great Britain and the USA, and which has had the greater impact on the other? Have their political, diplomatic, cultural and linguistic ties since American independence been stronger than their differences?
  • The Birth of Europe
    We will examine the period from the end of the Roman era to c.1000 - a time which saw the building of those medieval states that were to become Europe and the rise of two religions that were destined to dominate the medieval world: Christianity and Islam
  • The Wars of the Roses
    The course investigates the aristocratic ‘gang-warfare’ that brought England to the brink of disaster in the 15th century.

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