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Sorry, this course is not currently available on the website. The usual reason for this to happen is that the course is either no longer running or has already run. If you believe this to be incorrect please contact us using our enquiry form.

Below are a selection of courses that we are running, based on the subject of the course you were looking for:

  • Ancestral Voices: the Earliest English Literature (Online)
    This course will introduce participants to the range of Old English literature, from stirring tales of heroism, courage, and fellowship, to poignant elegies of love and loss; from passionately devout to earthily humorous.
  • Under the Dreaming Spires: Oxford as Seen through the Novel
    The Oxford dream - or nightmare? We study three enjoyable novels (Thomas Hardy: Jude the Obscure; Philip Larkin: Jill; Evelyn Waugh: Brideshead Revisited) in the place in which they are set, which brings you inside the Oxford experience.
  • The Screaming Spires: Oxford Criminality in Fact and Fiction
    This course examines the history of criminality in Oxford using examples of crime fiction as a point of access in assessing seven hundred years of the violent life of the town and its university.
  • Fiction by Victorian Women: George Eliot, Elizabeth Gaskell... (Online)
    Some of the greatest writers of the Victorian period were women. This course looks at the work of authors such as Charlotte Brontë, Elizabeth Gaskell, and George Eliot, both as representing women’s lives and issues, and as literature in its own right.
  • The World of Trollope’s Barchester
    An exploration in literature and social history, drawing on the Barchester novels of Anthony Trollope, letters, diaries and other contemporary accounts to recreate experiences of parish and cathedral city life in nineteenth-century England.

Alternatively you can perform a keyword search on all our courses using the 'Find courses' box on this page.