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Sorry, this course is not currently available on the website. The usual reason for this to happen is that the course is either no longer running or has already run. If you believe this to be incorrect please contact us using our enquiry form.

Below are a selection of courses that we are running, based on the subject of the course you were looking for:

  • Critical Reasoning
    Improve your thinking skills by learning how to identify a logical argument, how to distinguish between good and bad arguments, and when to use different types of reasoning. See how to apply these skills in everyday reading, writing and discussion.
  • Philosophy of Science (Online)
    This course introduces key issues in the philosophy of science, including debates about the nature of the scientific method, theories of confirmation, the demarcation of science from non-science, the rationality of theory change, and scientific realism.
  • Political Philosophy: An Introduction (Online)
    Political philosophy contains some of the greatest writings in the western intellectual tradition. This online course introduces the student to the central questions concerning, the state by means of classical and contemporary texts.
  • Critical Reasoning
    Nobody likes to be fooled, and we all would like, just occasionally, to have a knock-down argument for our beliefs! We will look at what makes (or breaks) an argument, and some of the many roles reasoning plays in our lives.
  • Treat Others as you would like them to treat you: The key to Ethics?
    First we analyse this maxim. Then we build on it aided by great philosophers of the past & recent research. We then apply these ideas to issues such as love, friendship, future generations, difficult people, dilemmas, careers, business & weakness of will.

Alternatively you can perform a keyword search on all our courses using the 'Find courses' box on this page.