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Short courses in health sciences

Providing professionals with access to Oxford’s internationally recognised excellence in biomedical and clinical research and teaching.

For health-care professionals and people working within medical research, including clinicians, researchers, scientists, administrators and educators within health care, research organisations, pharmaceuticals, academia, and regulatory and government bodies.

Taught by leading researchers and renowned guest presenters, our short courses are specially designed for busy health professionals seeking essential updating. Through world-class teaching and innovative study methods, participants are given insights into the very latest advances in knowledge, skills and techniques. Many short courses form part of a master’s- level programme, and participants may be eligible to take these for academic credit (gaining Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme (CATS) points); those interested in applying for an Oxford qualification may consider enrolling on a suitable ‘taster’ short course.

Professional development highlights

Introduction to Study Design and Research Methods, 12-16 May 2014
Choosing and designing the most appropriate study to address your clinical research problem is paramount in generating the best evidence. This course will introduce some of the more advanced concepts and skills of research design and how they relate to Evidence-Based Health Care.

Introduction to Surgical Management and Leadership: short course accepting applications now
Apply now for our comprehensive five day course which demonstrates how surgeons can become more effective in initiating and managing quality change within their organisations. The perfect course for future leaders of the surgical profession.

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