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Weekly classes are part-time classes open to all. Topics are studied in depth over a period of 10 or 20 weeks. They are accredited at FHEQ level 4 and course work is an integral part of each syllabus.

Most classes are offered at two locations in Oxford - Rewley House, in central Oxford, and Ewert House in Summertown. Classes are also offered in locations outside Oxford, such as Reading, Maidenhead, and other towns. (Please see below.) You can view a list of all our weekly classes by clicking the button below, or you can see which couses begin in a given month by using the navigation to the left.

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Classes in the town of Reading and other locations

We also offer a wide range of evening classes at the University of Reading's Whiteknights campus. Please click the button below to see the complete listing of classes at this location.

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Additionally, we offer classes at other locations around Oxfordshire and in adjoining counties. Please click use the navigation to the left to see these classes.

Weekly classes are not offered during the summer, but we do offer a wide range of summer schools.

Weekly Class Highlights

Exploring Indian Textiles
Discover the regional variations of Indian textiles from the Punjab and Gujarat to Bengal and the Coromandel Coast. Understand and appreciate the designs, patterns and techniques of production as well as the stylistic development of designs like the boteh or paisley design in Kashmir shawls. Discover Indian trade textiles to the west like chintz and to the east in South east Asia. Incudes three textile study field trips to museums and galleries in Oxford.

The Open Self: Six lectures on the Philosophy of The Self
What is the self? Why do we ask? The question of whether we can know ourselves or not remains central to both philosophy and every day life.

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