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In addition to the sources of funding on the other pages in this section, it is possible that University employees may obtain funding from the Staff Learning Scheme, which is run by the Oxford Learning Institute.

The Staff Learning Scheme (SLS)

The Staff Learning Scheme is designed to provide staff of Oxford University with financial support for relevant courses and other learning activities for which they would otherwise have to pay. Full and part time employees are eligible to apply, if they meet the criteria for the scheme.

A synopsis on how the Staff Learning Scheme works follows; full information on the Staff Learning Scheme can be found here: http://www.learning.ox.ac.uk/cdr/scheme/

University staff should be able to demonstrate that the course will help them to develop within their role at the University and be of broader benefit to their department; or that, alternatively, it will enable them to acquire new skills and deal with changes in responsibilities or a new role.

Applying for funding from the Staff Learning Scheme consists of three basic steps:

  1. Select a course you'd like to take; then download and complete the relevant form from the SLS web pages and submit it through your line manager to the head of your department;
  2. your head of department will verify that the course you've chosen meets the criteria of professional or personal development;
  3. your department may opt to pay all or part of your fees; however if funds are insufficient to pay all fees, the form will be forwarded to the Oxford Learning Institute for funding from the Staff Learning Scheme.

As a general rule the SLS panel will grant 50% of the total costs involved, or £2,000, whichever is the lower.

For full information on the Staff Learning Scheme, please visit: http://www.learning.ox.ac.uk/cdr/scheme/.