Proposed creative writing qualification

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Based on the expressions of interest collected, we are taking our consideration of this new qualification to the next step. Information on what this new programme might consist of is below. 

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The Department for Continuing Education is considering a new delivery format for a two-year, part-time Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing. (The current programme is taught entirely in face-to-face meetings, held in Oxford.)

A proposed new Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing would take place partly online. It would include a summer school, held in Oxford, to take place between the first and second year. It is a requirement of the University of Oxford that at least some portion of any award course be taught face to face in Oxford. 

A partially-online format for the programme will enable students from anywhere in the world to take this course, and gain an Oxford Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing. This new programme would not replace the existing programme, which will continue unchanged.