Diplomatic Studies Programme: Events

North Korea

Speaker: Mr John Everard, former British Ambassador to North Korea

Date: Wednesday 7 February (Week 4), 11.30am

Location: Tawney Room, Rewley House, Wellington Square

John Everard will talk about life in North Korea based on his experiences
there as British Ambassador from 2006-2008. He will also consider the
current tensions around the Korean peninsula, and discuss what North
Korea is trying to achieve, how likely it is to achieve it, and why this
matters to us. He will also discuss the current contacts between North
and South Korea in the run up to the Winter Olympics.

John Everard served as a British diplomat for 27 years, including as British
Ambassador in Belarus, Uruguay and lastly in the Democratic People's
Republic of Korea (DPRK) from 2006-2008. After a spell as a Research
Fellow at Stanford, in 2011 he was appointed as Coordinator of the UN
Security Council Panel of Experts established pursuant to Security Council
Resolution 1874 (dealing with sanctions on the DPRK). He withdrew from
that position in November 2012 and has since written extensively for the
media and broadcast, both on Korean issues and on international affairs
generally. His book Only Beautiful, Please describes his experiences of
living and working in the DPRK and discusses some of the challenges
presented by that country.

All members of the University are welcome. Please email
dsp@conted.ox.ac.uk to confirm your attendance.