Higher Education Programmes


Professional educators and education managers from all over the world are enabled to apply the latest innovative thinking to contemporary issues in their own countries and institutions and to their own strategic goals

Delegates engage with leading Oxford academics and practitioners through interactive lectures and seminars, case studies, visits and workshops, analysing best practice in academic management.


Sessions cover administration, leadership and strategy, development and innovation, and other topics, by reference to UK and international examples. While considering the characteristics of other leading institutions, delegates also gain insight into what makes Oxford University special.

Each programme is designed specifically to meet the strategic goals of the delegates.

Programme details

The modules listed below are illustrative examples. Please let us know if you are interested in other topics.

Introductory Module

The introductory module provides delegates with a thorough understanding of the UK higher education sector set within the context of international standards and developments in higher education, touching on education policy, funding, assessment and other areas of interest.


  • Visits to or introductions about other UK universities
  • The UK school system
  • University admissions in the UK
  • University governance
  • Comparative education (comparing systems in different countries)
  • Metrics and research funding

Oxford University

We offer lectures on the history, organisation and structure of Oxford University, governance, resource allocation, teaching methods (including the tutorial system), student selection, human resources management, and other matters specific to Oxford University. Delegates learn how Oxford develops academic excellence and fosters leadership potential, as well as how the university operates on a day-to-day basis.


  • Visits to Departments and/or other facilities within the University
  • Entrepreneurship and technology transfer
  • International Strategy
  • Estate management
  • Curriculum development
  • Student welfare

Education strategy, policy and practice in the UK and internationally

Theoretical and reflective, this module encourages delegates to discuss educational philosophy and practice, to apply theories to their own experience, and to share their views on current ‘hot topics’ in education.


  • Institutional assessment
  • Vocational training
  • Macdonaldisation
  • Quality assurance
  • What makes a world class university?

Education management and administration

Practitioners and academics deliver practical sessions, incorporating case studies and examples drawn from a variety of institutions, sharing their experience in human resources management, funding, resources management, and good practice in administration.


  • Institutional management
  • Leadership
  • Academic team management
  • Research funding
  • Using assessment to improve student learning
  • Intellectual Property issues for HE managers
  • Online and distance learning
  • Marketing for university managers
  • Professional skills development
  • Curriculum design
  • Widening participation and inclusion


This topic is related to management and administration, and can be included as a module in itself or as part of another module.


  • Institutional assessment
  • Metrics
  • Student assessment
  • Policy aspects of assessment
  • Assessment bodies
  • Research funding in the UK

Vocational training

This module can be tailored to the specific interests of the delegates and may include visits to institutions that provide relevant vocational training.


  • Models of vocational training
  • Teacher training
  • Entrepreneurship training

Specialised sessions

Language Teaching:

  • Socio-cultural training: English language teaching (ELT)
  • Use of first language in the second language classroom
  • The impact of prior knowledge on listening and reading comprehension

Publishing in English:

  • Writing in English for academic publishing
  • Publishing articles in academic journals
  • Global English: English language as world language

Academic visits

Programmes may include visits to colleges and departments of Oxford University, local schools, other universities, regulatory bodies and other relevant institutions.


All delegates receive a certificate of attendance on completion of the programme.

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LaPP programmes are not open for recruitment to individuals. If you are interested in bringing a delegation to Oxford to attend one of our tailor-made courses, please contact us to discuss options.