Students with disabilities

International Human Rights Law Summer School

The department's aim is to treat all participants equally and welcomes applications from people with disabilities. Individuals' needs are taken into account as far as possible, providing reasonable adaptations and assistance within the resources available. We ask that people let us know of any disability or special need (confidentially if required) so that we can help them participate as fully as possible.

Students with mobility difficulties may find areas of Oxford difficult to access as it is an ancient city with a number of very old buildings which were designed in an age less sensitive to issues of disability. Similarly, students may also find that the age and layout of New College means they are not able to access all areas of the college. However, ground floor bedrooms and a lift to the dining hall are available and the Department will do as much as possible to assist students with special requirements.

Many of the teaching rooms used for the programme are equipped with facilities that improve access for students with disabilities including lifts, access ramps and hearing loops. The Department can also provide reading materials in alternative formats (such as Braille or large print) and can arrange special examination provision.

Prospective participants with mobility difficulties, visual or hearing impairments, or any other disabilities which require special arrangements, may want to make preliminary enquiries to the Oxford Course Administrator at or +44 (0)1865 270281 for further advice.