The future of humanity

Is there such a thing as human nature?

'Questions of human nature really pop up everywhere we look. And they often connect with some quite profound issues that preoccupy us on a daily basis'. In this short lecture, Dr Julia Weckend raises the question of human nature and asks who is right - the optimists or the pessimists? 

Dr Julia Weckend

Dr Julia Weckend has taught philosophy at the Universities of Reading and Southampton before joining the Department for Continuing Education as a tutor in 2014.

Dr Weckend's upcoming course

Reality, Being and Existence: An Introduction to Metaphysics (Online)

Metaphysics is the most general investigation into the nature of reality. It has been at the centre of philosophy since the beginning of the western tradition in ancient Greece, and many of its concerns are the same as those of Plato and Aristotle. This course will introduce you to some of the traditional concerns.

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