Open Day: Lecture library

What can we learn from an archaeologist about hygiene? How did Italy use product design to pull itself out of post-war economic depression? Who was King Richard II's role model?

Find answers to these questions and many more in our library of short taster sessions, produced by tutors teaching this autumn on our Weekly Oxford Worldwide (WOW) programme.


Italian design and society

Art and design historian Philippa Joseph examines three classic Italian designs - the Olivetti Lettera 22 typewriter, the Necchi Mirella sewing machine, and the Grillo telephone.

Writing for children

How is writing for children different from writing for adults? Dr Nicky Brown explains.

Archaeology: early medieval imagery

Spend 5 minutes with Dr Toby Martin and examine a bronze belt plate from the late fifth/early sixth century.

Beginner's Italian

Accompany tutor Stefania Nini as she leads us through the basics of Italian language and culture.

The evolution of film

Keith Hopper reflects on the importance of screens within popular culture and how the nature of the big screen experience itself is beginning to change.

Beginner's Greek

Learn how to order a drink at a Greek cafenio with this short presentation from Virginia Villioti.

The German Ideology

In this short talk, Dr Meade McCloughan gives a brief overview of the young Marx and Engels and their work, 'The German Ideology'.

The political economy of taxation

Are Jaffa Cakes cakes or biscuits? Dr Doug Bamford explains the tax implications and the important questions we as citizens should consider.

The Wilton Diptych and King Richard II

Sheila Ephraim examines the rich symbolism depicted in a late-medieval panel painting.

Literature and illness

Dr Ben Grant reflects on the rise in interest in literature, and specifically poetry, during the pandemic.

The Representation of the People Act 1918

Ann Lyon explains the importance of the Representation of the People Act 1918 and how it reformed the electoral system in Great Britain and Ireland.

Beginner's Spanish

Practice speaking some introductory Spanish greetings in this five-minute talk from Ms Rosa Arias-Yague.

Islam and democracy

Trevor Mostyn provides a brief history of Islam and democracy in the Middle East.

Poets' workshop

Dr Edward Clarke explores the 'fascinating difficulty' of making poetry.

Beginner's French

Discover the difference between English and French intonation in this short talk from Odile Rimbert.

Pourquoi apprendre le français?

Sample our lower intermediate French language course with this ten-minute talk from Danae Lemos Theologis.

The archaeology of hygiene

Iron age combs? Bronze age tweezers? Join archaeologist Jennifer Foster to explore personal hygiene - from the earliest hominids up to the medieval period.

An introduction to Farsi

Take a quick tour of the rich language and culture of Iran with Dr Abdi Rafiee.

Beginner's Portuguese

Ângela Sarmento-Dingsdale introduces her beginner's Portuguese language course in this 10-minute talk.

18th-century European royalty

Dr Stewart Tolley introduces you to some of the key figures from the 'forgotten' 18th century.

The future of humanity

Dr Julia Weckend raises the question of human nature and asks who is right - the optimists or the pessimists?

How to read a screenplay

Carl Schoenfeld provides a short introduction to screenplays - where to find them, how to read them and why you should.

La Marseillaise and the French Revolution

Using the French national anthem as a guide, Dr Kate Watson explains how relevant the French Revolution is today.