The political economy of taxation

Why should we all care about tax reforms?

In this short lecture, Dr Doug Bamford explains the importance of understanding tax reforms and some of the important questions they raise.

Cake or biscuit?

The following 2017 BBC News article provides more details about the Jaffa Cake legal case, and the philosophical question it raises. 

Dr Doug Bamford

Doug Bamford is author of Rethinking Taxation (Searching Finance, 2014) and several papers on tax justice (including articles in the Journal of Applied Philosophy and Moral Philosophy and Politics). He has taught at the Department for several years and blogs at Doug Bamford's Tax Appeal.

Dr Bamford's upcoming course

International Ethics and Global Justice

Explore the ethical and economic issues arising from an unequal world with borders. Should we focus more on the poorest in the world and less on our fellow citizens? What are the implications for our policy on trade, aid, tax and immigration?

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