How to read a screenplay

A short introduction to screenplays

Using the award-winning film Parasite as an example, Carl Schoenfeld provides a short introduction to screenplays - how to read them and why you should.

Useful links for downloading screenplays

Carl Schoenfeld

Carl Schoenfeld has three decades’ film industry experience as a writer, director and producer. He pioneered fresh approaches across filmmaking and education. His award-winning productions with the BBC, Channel4/Film4, and the BFI - including BAFTA-nominated 'A Sarajevo Diary', and 'My Brother Tom', starring Ben Whishaw - embraced new technology and launched the talent involved.

Carl Schoenfeld's upcoming course

Screenwriting 2: From Pitch to Screen 

This highly practical workshop builds on your awareness of screenwriting techniques and enables you to write a feature-length screenplay, a TV series, or a series of shorts, with guidance from a film industry tutor and your peers.

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