Ora pro nobis


Image: Virgin and Child, c12th. S. Pelino, Corfinio, Abruzzi

Ora Pro Nobis: The Virgin Mary as Intecessor

The medieval cult of the Virgin is almost the story of the Middle Ages itself; gaining insight into it is an essential step towards an understanding of the period.

Authored by Dr Cathy Oakes, Ora Pro Nobis: The Virgin Mary as Intercessor in Medieval Art and Devotion, traces the development of the Virgin’s role as intercessor from the twelfth century onwards from a devotional, liturgical and theological viewpoint. It is an iconographic study which looks at six types of images of intercession.

Whilst the subject relates to Western European culture as a whole, the book deliberately focuses on English Marian devotion as a case study, an area often overlooked by art historians, but one which yields fascinating insights into the subject.