Programmes for foreign nationals

The Foundations of Diplomacy course and the Advanced Diploma in British and European Studies are two full-time programmes geared specifically to the needs of foreign nationals. The Programmes in Leadership and Public Policy (LaPP) are short, two-three week programmes.

  • Foundations of Diplomacy is designed for those who wish to develop skills in practical diplomacy, as well as profit from an intensive programme of English language training at Oxford University. More information on the Foundations of Diplomacy
  • The highly successful Advanced Diploma in British and European Studies programme is aimed at those who are preparing for postgraduate study in the UK, and offers participants a solid grounding in British and European civilisation and intensive English language training. Go to the British and European Studies page
  • Programmes in Leadership and Public Policy (LaPP) provides highly flexible bespoke programmes on government and policy-making, leadership and innovation, higher education, media, global economic and political environment, society and culture. If you are interested in bringing a delegation to Oxford to attend one of our courses please contact us to discuss options or for further information about our programmes please visit the LaPP pages.