Student representation and governance

Student representation

Student representatives are invited to join the Committee of Library Provision, the Assessment and Teaching Committee and the Academic Board. The Academic Board representatives also sit on the Continuing Education Board and share the chairing of the Student-Staff consultative committee which meets each term.

Typically, the student representative will speak at the meeting on an issue which has been raised by a fellow student, take an active role in the discussion and report back to the student body. Student representatives are full members of the committees and their views are accorded the same weight as other members.  If you would like to become a student representative, please discuss it with your Course Administrator.


Assessment and Teaching Committee/Academic Board/Continuing Education Board:
Committee on Library Provision:
Graduate School Committee:


Oxford has a distinctive governance structure stemming from its long history. You can read about the roles of the colleges, Congregation, Council and the Vice-Chancellor.

The Continuing Education Board

The Continuing Education Board provides oversight of the work and functioning of the Department for Continuing Education. It is responsible for approving new award-bearing courses, and changes to existing ones, for academic appointments in the Department, and for quality assurance of courses.

The Board of Studies

The Board of Studies is the committee of the Continuing Education Board responsible for oversight of the quality assurance for each of the award-bearing courses and the accredited course programmes offered by the Department. Meeting annually, the Board reviews the reports from all the External Examiners, Chairs of Examiners and Course Committees. The Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Studies are members of the Continuing Education Board and hold delegated Proctorial authority, which means they make decisions on behalf of the Proctors for a range of matters concerning students of the Department for Continuing Education.

Academic Board

Academic Board is responsible for matters such as proposals for new modules/units and courses, changes to existing courses, quality assurance issues, the review of Examiners’ reports, examination arrangements, teaching methods, student support and student feedback.

Course Committees

Each course has a Course Committee, on which there is student representation. The membership and way in which the committee works varies between courses: further information is in your Course Handbook.