Tech for Managers

A brand new programme of short, intensive and practical one-day courses which have been developed to help you gain a critical appreciation of these important technologies.

The programme consists of six one-day courses:

  1. Big Data Downsize

  2. Machine Learning for Business

  3. Fintech for Managers

  4. Blockchain for Managers

  5. Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Managers

  6. Design Thinking - a collection of methods and tools for inventive problem solving

The courses are aimed at managers and entrepreneurs who require a good overview of the subject area and also some practical implementation of the relevant technologies.

The content will cover from the highest strategic level down to the level of execution and implementation.

Each course has been designed to address specific needs expressed by managers:

  • To gain an understanding of the overall strategic threats and opportunities
  • To enable you to organise your business response to exploit opportunities
  • To provide a method to identify and select opportunities
  • To gain knowledge of the technologies that are available
  • To get a realistic, hands-on appreciation of what it takes to implement these technologies

Further details of this programme will be available in the coming months - expected launch date is spring 2019.

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Course structure

Each course has been developed to follow the format below:


Is this technology important to my business?
Discovering strategic threats and opportunities.


How should I organise to exploit this opportunity?


Finding specific opportunities within my business.


What kind of things can this technology do for my business? What technologies are available?


The technology at the ‘ground level’. Doing it for real.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for applicants and students on this course

Sources of funding

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