A Day with the Stoics


Stoicism is an ancient school of philosophy that is gaining prominence again. One reason for this revival is the Stoics’ concern with making philosophy relevant as something that ought to be lived, or somehow be connected to our life. Doing philosophy is taking care of oneself, and considering how best to live a life that is also worth living.

In four thematic and interactive sessions we discuss a range of exemplary passages from the works of Seneca (e.g., from On the Happy Life) and Epictetus (e.g., from the Discourses). We focus on the period of the early Roman Empire (roughly 30–180 AC), but occasionally glance at the original Athenian Stoics (roughly 300–50 BC). We explore a variety of central ethical themes, and examine to what extent, and in what ways, Stoic ideas matter for our own lives now. Stoic teaching was public and open to anyone in antiquity: and so beginners in philosophy are most welcome today too.

A course pack with the relevant passages and sources will be available in advance.

Programme details

9.45am     Registration

10.00am   Happiness and Virtue: understanding what benefits us

11.15am     Coffee/tea

11.45am    Goodness and Choice: selecting what matters

1.00pm     Lunch

2.00pm     Freedom and Progress: developing a sense for what is up to us

3.15pm      Tea/coffee

3.45pm     Love and Friendship: being attached to others and the world

5.00pm     Course disperses


Description Costs
Tuition (includes coffee/tea) £80.00
Baguette £5.50
Hot Lunch (3 courses) £15.50


If you are in receipt of a state benefit you may be eligible for a reduction of 50% of tuition fees.

If you do not qualify for the concessionary fee but are experiencing financial hardship, you may still be eligible for financial assistance.

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Dr Peter Wyss


Peter has been teaching weekly classes and online courses for the past ten years at the department, where he is involved in certificate and postgraduate programmes too. He also teaches philosophy for the Open University.


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