Being Creative with Love

Course summary

  • Sat 28 Jul 2018 to Sat 04 Aug 2018
  • Oxford
  • Course fees vary depending on accommodation – please see ‘Fees’, below.
  • 10 CATS points
  • Course code O17I401CAR
  • +44 (0) 1865 270396
  • Course cancelled

Being Creative with Love


Love is fundamental to our everyday lives, and can make us strong or vulnerable, happy or maudlin.  Whether you are a poet, novelist, memoirist or playwright, we shall explore the plethora of ways the notion of love and its expression can be realised.  Through examining a variety of genres, we shall create our own texts which express this multi-faceted and profound emotion.

Programme details

Session One:

Session Two:
Love is born.

Session Three:
Wake up, child, wake up.

Session Four:
Waking to danger.

Session Five:
Finding Ms/Mr Right.

Session Six:
Billets doux.

Session Seven:
Innocence and Experience.

Session Eight:
Making love or having sex.  How explicit do you want to be?

Session Nine:
Secret love.

Session Ten:

Session Eleven:
I love me.

Session Twelve:
RECAP.  What next?


Recommended reading

All texts for the course will be provided by the tutor.  They will include poetry, memoir, fiction and script. 


Concessionary Fee (No Accomm., inc. Tuition, Lunch & Dinner): £680.00
Programme Fee (No Accommodation - inc. Tuition, Lunch & Dinner): £790.00
Programme Fee (Standard Single Room - inc. Tuition and Meals): £1375.00
Programme Fee (Standard Twin Room - inc. Tuition and Meals): £1155.00
Programme Fee (Superior Single Room - inc. Tuition and Meals): £1480.00
Programme Fee (Superior Twin Room - inc. Tuition and Meals): £1245.00

Course fees vary depending on accommodation – please see ‘Fees’, below.


Mr Jeremy Hughes


Jeremy Hughes has published two novels – Wingspan (2013) and Dovetail (2011). He was awarded first prize in the PoetryWales competition and was short-listed for an Eric Gregory Award. He also publishes short fiction, life writing and reviews. He studied for the Master’s in creative writing at Oxford.

Course aims

To give students the confidence to write about different aspects of love.

Course Objectives

This course will enable students to:

  • recognise the different facets of love
  • demonstrate techniques by which these can be utilised individually or in combination within a creative text
  • produce writing through exercises designed to further students’ ability to hone their skills progressively.

Teaching methods

All summer school courses are taught through group seminars and individual tutorials. Students also conduct private study when not in class and there is a well stocked library at OUDCE to support individual research needs.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course students will be expected to understand:

  • the different facets of love which can contribute to creative texts
  • recognise helpful resources
  • recognise a variety of techniques for exploring various ‘states’ of love.

And students will be expected to have gained and/or developed the following skills:

  • demonstrate the use of appropriate elements in their own work
  • utilise different resources
  • be able to use some of these techniques with increased skill and confidence.

Assessment methods

Students are assessed during the summer school by either a 1500 word written assignment or a presentation supported by individual documentation. To successfully gain credit (10 CATS points) students should attend all classes and complete the on-course assignment. There is also a pre-course assignment of 1000 words set. Although this does not count towards credit, it is seen as an important way of developing a student's ideas and therefore its completion is mandatory.


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