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Archaeology and Ancient DNA

Course details

From £115.00

Sat 08 Feb 2020 - Sun 09 Feb 2020

Archaeology and Ancient DNA


The study of ancient genetic material is an exciting new branch of prehistory, constantly producing unexpected new claims and changing our views concerning our past. The weekend’s speakers will present some of the most innovative aspects of this research, and will cover a very wide range of topics ranging from human origins to the dispersal of farming and of Indo-European languages, as well as the latest evidence concerning the development or demise of some non-human species such as the mammoth or cereal crops. Indeed, such is the rapid rate of new discoveries in the field of ancient DNA that the programme advertised here will certainly be modified as we grow nearer to the weekend. The speakers will coordinate and communicate to ensure that those attending are given the most comprehensive coverage possible of this fascinating but ever-changing field.

This is largely a repeat course from February 2018 with some new speakers and topics.




Programme details


10.00am           Registration

10.15am            Introduction to biomolecular archaeology and the DNA of

                         human evolution

                         Paul Pettitt

11.15am            Coffee/tea

11.45am            Human evolution and the impact of ancient DNA

                         Chris Stringer

12.45pm           Lunch

2.00pm            The archaeogenetics of Indo-European dispersals

                        Martin Richards

3.15pm            Tea/coffee

3.45pm            People of the British Isles: pattern and process of the

                        Mesolithic to Neolithic transition

                        Selina Brace

5.00pm            Discussion and break

7.00pm            Dinner

8.15pm            Four legs good, two legs good too.  Ancient DNA, ungulate -9.15pm          domestication and farming emergence from the Near East

                       Daniel Bradley



8.00am            Breakfast (residents only)

9.15am            Using DNA to understand the history of key crops

                        Nathan Wales

10.15am          Our relationships with dogs, chickens, and dire wolves

                        Greger Larson

11.15am           Coffee/tea

11.45am          Evolution, ecology and extinction of the mammoth: evidence

                        from ancient DNA

                        Adrian Lister

12.45pm          Lunch and Course Ends




Description Costs
Tuition (includes coffee/tea) £115.00
Baguette Saturday £5.00
Baguette Sunday £5.00
Dinner Saturday Evening £21.00
Full Hot Lunch Saturday (3 courses) £15.00
Full Hot Lunch Sunday (3 courses) £15.00
Single B&B Saturday Night £82.00
Twin/Double B&B Saturday Night £116.00


If you are in receipt of a state benefit you may be eligible for a reduction of 50% of tuition fees.

If you do not qualify for the concessionary fee but are experiencing financial hardship, you may still be eligible for financial assistance.

Concessionary fees for short courses



Dr Selina Brace


Researcher in ancient DNA, Natural History Museum, London

Professor Daniel Bradley


Professor of Population Genetics, Trinity College Dublin

Professor Greger Larson


Professor of Evolutionary Genomics, University of Oxford

Professor Adrian Lister


Research Leader, The Natural History Museum

Professor Paul Pettitt


Professor of Palaeolithic Archaeology, University of Durham

Professor Martin Brian Richards


Research Professor in Archaeogenetics, University of Huddersfield

Professor Christopher B Stringer


Research Leader in Human Origins, Department of Earth Sciences, The Natural History Museum, London

Dr Nathan Wales



Dr Paul Bahn

Course Director

Freelance Archaeologist and leading specialist in Ice Age art

Toby Martin

Director of Studies

Departmental Lecturer, Department For Continuing Education, University of Oxford


Accommodation for this weekend is at Rewley House for Saturday night only.

Depending on availability it may also be possible to extend your stay, please enquire at the time of booking for availability and prices.

All bedrooms are modern, comfortably furnished and each room has tea and coffee making facilities, Freeview television, and Free WiFi and private bath or shower rooms.