Beyond Teresa: Explorations of Spirituality after Teresa Avila

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Sat 06 Apr 2019

Beyond Teresa: Explorations of Spirituality after Teresa Avila


This day course explores the shape of Carmelite reform after St Teresa of Avila (1515–1582) and the impact of her reforms on the wider Christian world, both in Europe and globally.

Following the international celebration of the 500th anniversary of the birth of St Teresa of Avila (1515 – 1582), a number of questions remained regarding the nature of Carmelite reform ‘after Teresa’. This study day arises as a response to these questions and aims to address central issues of the ‘post-Teresian’ world from a multidisciplinary perspective. In particular key questions to be addressed include:

  • What shape did Carmelite reform take both within and beyond the specifically ‘Teresian’ Carmelites?
  • How unique was Teresa’s reform and how did it relate to the wider Carmelite reform?
  • What shape did Carmelite reform take in the New World?
  • What were the effects of the Carmelite reform on art, music and literature?
  • Which other sisters became leading lights (‘second’/‘other’ Teresas)?
  • How can Teresa’s reform contribute to the contemporary renewal of religious life, and the formulation of a contemporary theology of its meaning and praxis? 

The day will be led by an interdisciplinary team of cultural and church historians, theologians, psychologists and specialists in Christian spirituality, feminist theory and material culture. Although primarily focussed on the European context, the day will extend to consider Carmelite interactions beyond Europe in the New World, especially of the Spanish and Portuguese colonial worlds of South America and Southern Asia.


Programme details

9.45am            Registration

10.00am          St Teresa and the letters of St Jerome: A formative reading?

                        Sr Jo Robson O.C.D.

11.15am           Coffee/tea

11.45am          The origins and development of Formation Manuals in Carmelite Reform

                        Dr Kevin Alban O.Carm.

1.00pm            Lunch

2.00pm            Teresa of Avila and the Afro-Brazilian Mysticism of Rosa Maria, the Black Egyptian

                        Dr Joana Serrado

3.15pm            Tea/coffee

3.45pm            Teresa of Avila, Mindfulness and Oración Mental

                        Prof. Peter Tyler

5.00pm           Course disperses

Recommended reading

 St Teresa of Avila, The Book of the Life and The Way of Perfection (several editions available)


Tuition (includes tea/coffee): £67.00
Baguette lunch: £4.90
Full lunch: £14.00


Dr Kevin Alban


Visiting Lecturer Blackfriars, Oxford

Sister Jo Robson


Member of the community, Carmelite Monastery

Dr Joana Serrado


Integrated Researcher at The Institute of Philosophy, University of Poto

Professor Peter Tyler


Peter Tyler is Professor in Pastoral Theology at St Marys University College, Twickenham.

The Revd Canon Dr Robin Gibbons

Director of Studies

The Revd. Canon Robin Gibbons is Director of Studies for Theology and Religious Studies at OUDCE. He is a member of the Theology and Religion Faculty, Regents Park College and an Honoraray Canon of Christ Church Oxford. 


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