Buddhist Mind Science and Its Philosophy


How do we perceive the world and how does our mind shape those perceptions into an understanding of what we perceive? Learn more about these essential aspects of our minds and come to know how to eliminate destructive emotions and distorted perceptions, understand ultimate reality and the paths to liberation and enlightenment. 

Geshe Namdak will explain:

  • Emotional Intelligence in Buddhist Mind Science. What are destructive emotions and how do we overcome them with methods of self-awareness, self-regulation, and compassion.
  • The World of Consciousness. Consciousness defined in Buddhist psychology, giving a Buddhist perspective on the Mind-Brain problem.
  • Reality and Interdependence. The relation between Nagarjuna’s Philosophy of dependent origination and Quantum Physics.
  • The Paths to Liberation and Enlightenment. Can we completely overcome all our afflictions and what are the methods to reach the state of nirvana and enlightenment, a state of irreversible everlasting happiness, fulfilling our human potential.

The day will give you an overview of secular or universal aspects, as well as a traditional explanation of Buddhism.

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Emotional Intelligence in Buddhist Mind Science


The World of Consciousness: A Buddhist Perspective on the Mind-Brain Problem

Lunch break

Reality and Interdependence: The Relation Between Nagarjuna’s Philosophy and Quantum Physics


Paths to Liberation and Enlightenment

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Tuition - virtual attendance £75.00
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Geshe Tenzin Namdak


Geshe Tenzin Namdak first worked as an environmental researcher in the Netherlands, having graduated in hydrology. He took ordination from His Holiness the Dalai Lama before engaging in his formal studies in Buddhist philosophy and psychology at Sera Jey Monastic University, South India. He completed the entire twenty-year Geshe Program at Sera Jey and the traditional one-year Vajrayāna study program at Gyudmed Tantric College, the first westerner to do so. Currently, he is the resident teacher at Jamyang Buddhist Centre, London, and teaches worldwide.


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