Business Negotiations: Strategic Skills for Deal Making (online)


Using interactive negotiation simulations, you will learn how to define success metrics and how to successfully negotiate with others, with different skill sets, perceptions, backgrounds, and approaches. These concepts can be applied to diverse environments, including distributive, integrative, and mixed motive negotiation styles.

By asking questions about how to best prepare for a business negotiation, how to get what you want, and if you should work with or against your counterparty, this course will provide actionable strategic frameworks for:

  • Applying and leveraging key conceptual models related to transaction planning and conflict resolution.
  • Analysing and synthesising business negotiation theories, skill-sets and studies
  • Developing, and learning how to continually develop, a value-added business negotiation toolbox and confidence as business negotiators and dealmakers
  • Creating an innate ability to apply the various strategic frameworks of business negotiations and deal-making in diverse settings (business-to-business, private-public sector, etc.)
  • Defining specific success metrics within diverse teams and groups before, during and after business negotiations and deal-making settings
  • Enhancing effective communication, both verbal and nonverbal, and developing an empathetic understanding of how and why counterparties may see things differently from you and your business unit
  • Possessing an overall understanding of the nature of business negotiations and deal-making

Intended Audience

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to get the best out of their business negotiations.

This could be from those who are, or are making the transition to, working in a management capacity, or those who are more generally seeking to enhance their business negotiation skills and confidence.

Dates, Times and Delivery

The Business Negotiations (Online) course will be delivered over two sessions. Each session will run for approximately 3.5 hours, from 5:00 - 8:30pm (UK time), and include two 15-minute breaks.

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This is a ‘virtual classroom’ course.

To replicate the experience of a classroom, the sessions are ‘live’ and are not recorded.

Programme details

Throughout Business Negotiations, you will be provided with some of the key insights and strategic skills for deal-making.

In both deal-making and dispute resolution contexts, it’s important to consider what the negotiators may want — and why they may want what they want. These online sessions will provide you with strategic skills for deal-making in business negotiations.

Both sessions will take you through a guided simulation, providing you with experience in the three stages of a negotiation:

  1. Strategic preparation
  2. Negotiation (within specified teams)
  3. Debrief

Session 1:  Competitive business bargaining situations

Managers are likely to encounter both competitive and cooperative negotiators, and negotiations, within a deal-making and/or dispute resolution context.

Competitive bargainers often assume a fixed pie and seek to claim value (rather than create added value).

The first session will focus on providing actionable frameworks relating to competitive (distributive) bargaining techniques and provide you with the opportunity to apply the competitive-distributive model in an interactive simulation.

Session 2: Cooperative (integrative) bargaining

Cooperative bargainers assume that the pie can be expanded and seek to create value (rather than claim value).

The second half of this two-part series will take a closer look at the frameworks relating to cooperative (integrative) bargaining techniques.


Participants who attend the full course will receive a University of Oxford electronic certificate of attendance. 

The certificate will show your name, the course title and the dates of the course you attended.

You will be required to attend all of the live sessions on the course in order to be considered for an attendance certificate. 


Description Costs
Course Fee £395.00


Fees include electronic copies of course materials.

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Jasper Kim

Course Tutor

Jasper Kim is an academic, lawyer and consultant based in California and Korea, with particular expertise in negotiations.

He is the Director of the Center for Conflict Management at Ewha University and is a Senior Fellow at the University of Melbourne. He served as invited faculty for the Supreme Court of Korea and is an Arbitrator for the Korea Commercial Arbitration Board.

He was also a visiting scholar at Harvard Law School and Stanford University. Previously, he held key positions with Barclays Capital, Credit Suisse and Lehman Brothers negotiating deals.

He is a contributor to various media, including the BBC, Bloomberg, CNN and The Wall Street Journal.

He received a MSc degree from the London School of Economics, a JD from Rutgers Law School, negotiation training certification from Harvard Law School, a MBA from the University of London and MSc in Taxation from Christ Church, University of Oxford (Faculty of Law and Said Business School).

Course aims

By taking this course, you will:

  • Develop skills and strategies for both competitive and cooperative business negotiations
  • Understand how business mindsets interact
  • Gain experience and confidence relating to business negotiations and deal-making through the course’s conceptual frameworks and business negotiation practice simulations.
  • Gain an enhanced knowledge base and understanding of the principles, skills and strategies of business negotiations and deal-making
  • Be able to apply business negotiation and deal-making theories to real-world situations, in both dispute settlement and deal-making negotiations
  • Be able to exhibit the skill and confidence of business negotiators, including an awareness of possible psychological encouragements and barriers to consensus from a domestic and global perspective
  • Understand and be exposed to the business negotiations in an online format using digital technologies


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IT requirements

This course is delivered online using Microsoft Teams. You will be required to follow and implement the instructions we send you to fully access Microsoft Teams on the University of Oxford's secure IT network.

To participate you must be familiar with using a computer for purposes such as sending email and searching the Internet. You will also need regular access to the Internet and a computer meeting our recommended minimum computer specification.

It is advised to use headphones with working speakers and microphone.