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Day & weekend events

These one and two day classes on a single topic are designed to bring you the most up-to-date thinking on a wide range of subjects.

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Over 150 courses per year, taught by lecturers and speakers who are noted authorities in their field of research. Many courses are offered in conjunction with national organisations such as the National Trust, the Society for Medieval Architecture or the Oxford Internet Institute.

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About Day & Weekend events and their structure

A typical course might be comprised of several sessions over one or two days, and delivered by a range of speakers and tutors. Courses are open to all, and the majority do not entail homework, exams or any other assessment.

In addition, we offer a series of intensive language training weekends in French, Spanish and Italian

Rewley House offers 4-star Campus accommodations, for those who would like to stay overnight in Oxford, subject to availability.

For courses at Rewley or Ewert House, tea and coffee are provided during the morning and afternoon breaks, and at lunch time in the Common Room. The 'with full meals' option includes lunch(es) and dinner(s), and the 'with accommodation' rate includes all meals and breakfasts appropriate to the length of the course.

Day & Weekend Highlights

An Introduction to English Pronunciation
This day will offer an introductory overview of elements of English pronunciation, including the sound system of standard British English; features of connected speech; and stress, rhythm and intonation, some regional variations, and how standard British pronunciation is changing today, especially amongst younger people.

The Evidence for God
Based on the book of the same name, the course will examine the relation between religion and experience. It will focus particularly on interpretations of experience, particularly in Idealist philosophy, that lead to belief in God.

Queen Victoria: Monarch, Wife, Widow, Empress
Pictures portray Queen Victoria as a large, serious lady. But beneath that austere exterior was a woman with a sense of fun, capable of deep emotions. So who was Queen Victoria and how did her reign impact on Britain in the nineteenth century?

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