Lean Six Sigma 'Taster Session' (Online)


Would you like to know how to improve business performance?

This short introduction will help you to answer the question Is Lean Six Sigma for me (and my company)?

Join us online for 60 minutes and learn more about our Lean Six Sigma / Continuous Improvement courses and how they can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your organisation. 

Who is it for? 

  • manufacturers 
  • banks and financial services 
  • health organisations 
  • service providers
  • business consultants


  • What is Lean Six Sigma (LSS) and how can it improve business performance?
  • Gain an overview of the Oxford University LSS / Continuous Improvement Programme
  • Learn how you can progress through the various belt grades - Yellow, Green and Black
  • Experience the online collaboration environments used for workshop activities 
  • See sample content from each of the three programme courses – Yellow, Green and Black 
  • Ask the tutor real-time questions about the LSS programme

Participate in this interactive live session on 10 June for just £25 - fully refunded when you book your first LSS course with us.

Programme details


This 60-minute introduction to the Oxford Lean Six Sigma / Continuous Improvement Programme will explain how it can be used to improve your business processes, smooth your service delivery and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your organisation.

The tutorial is both a ‘taster session’ for our Lean Six Sigma Leadership Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt courses, and a useful ‘starter pack’ for people new to the ideas and method of Lean Six Sigma / Continuous Improvement.

Presented from a ‘jargon-busting’ and practical standpoint by experienced practitioners, you will have a better understanding of:

  • Whether Lean Six Sigma is right for you and your organisation
  • What is involved in becoming a Lean Six Sigma practitioner 
  • What is involved in introducing Lean Six Sigma into an organisation

Further information about this course can be found on The Process Improvement Blog.

Who is Lean Six Sigma for?

You will benefit from learning about Lean Six Sigma if: 

  • You have an interest in improving the effectiveness and efficiency in your organisation
  • You are a leader in an organisation considering implementing a business improvement activity
  • You are considering becoming a practitioner in Lean Six Sigma and want to fast-track your route into this exciting area

This course is suitable for leaders and future practitioners who may have little or no experience of business improvement methodologies, such as:

  • Managers and leaders of organisations who may be considering introducing Lean Six Sigma practices, and want a good overview before committing further resources
  • Future practitioners of Lean Six Sigma. This may be from a variety of backgrounds, but are likely to currently be project managers, business analysts, staff involved in service redesign in the NHS, and functional managers within organisations
  • Business consultants who want to extend their work into the area of Lean Six Sigma
  • Senior staff who are new to organisations employing Lean Six Sigma and need to ‘get up to speed’ quickly and efficiently

No knowledge of Lean Six Sigma or other business process improvement methodologies is required or assumed.


Participants who attend the full course will receive a University of Oxford electronic certificate of attendance. 

The certificate will show your name, the course title and the dates of the course you attended.


Description Costs
Course Fee £25.00


Register immediately online 

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Please note that places are subject to availability - only a very limited number of places are available. 


Dr Rob Collins

Dr Rob Collins

Visiting Fellow

Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford

Dr Rob Collins is a visiting fellow of Kellogg College Oxford and regularly teaches courses at the University – both through Continuing Professional Development and through the Computing Laboratory.

As well as his academic teaching work Dr Collins regularly provides consultancy to industry in the area of Business Process Excellence and Systems Engineering.  He gained his Black Belt Certification in Lean Six Sigma from Lockheed Martin – the world's largest Systems Engineering company and a world-leader in advanced technology.

As well as his undergraduate degree in Physics and Computing, Dr Collins holds a PhD completed within a Psychology Department. Dr Collins’ PhD focussed on training, psychology and processes for introducing complex technology into learning environments. Dr Collins’ completed an MBA in 2012 at Henley Business School. He thus has a strategic business view as well as deep understanding and practical experience of hands-on process improvement in technology and service.


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IT requirements

This course is delivered online using MS Teams.

To participate you must be familiar with using a computer for purposes such as sending email and searching the Internet. You will also need regular access to the Internet and a computer meeting our recommended minimum computer specification.
It is advised to use headphones with working speakers and microphone.