LTE-Advanced (Releases 10-12) / LTE-Advanced Pro & 5G (Releases 13 & beyond)

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LTE-Advanced (Releases 10-12) / LTE-Advanced Pro & 5G (Releases 13 & beyond)


This course is day 2 and 3 of LTE, LTE Advanced and 5G: System Design and Operation and can be taken on its own or as part of the full 5-day course. 

All delegates will receive a free copy of "LTE Advanced: 3GPP Solution for IMT-Advanced" edited by Harri Holma and Antti Toskala (Wiley).

Presentations by Dr Harri Holma, NSN Fellow - Radio System Performance, Nokia Siemens Networks, Finland and Dr Antti Toskala, Manager, Radio Standardization, Nokia Siemens Networks, Finland, authors of the current definitive works, "LTE for UMTS - OFDMA and SC-FDMA Based Radio Access", "HSDPA/HSUPA for UMTS" and "WCDMA for UMTS".

Programme details

Course content

Day 2 – LTE-Advanced (3GPP Releases 10-12) (Harri Holma and Antti Toskala)

LTE-Advanced features

  • Carrier Aggregation (CA)
  • MIMO evolution
  • Heterogeneous Networks (HetNet)
  • Coordinated Mlitipoint (CoMP)
  • Enhanced CoMP over non-ideal backhali (eCoMP)
  • Dual connectivity (DC) and inter-site carrier aggregation
  • Self Organizing Networks (SON)
  • Relay nodes (RN)
  • Device-to-device communication (D2D)

LTE-Advanced optimization

  • LTE Performance: data rates, coverage, capacity and latency
  • CS Fallback and VoLTE optimization
  • LTE mobility and packet schedlier optimization

Day 3 – LTE-Advanced Pro and 5G (3GPP Releases 13 and beyond) (Harri Holma and Antti Toskala)

LTE-Advanced Pro

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Optimization, Narrowband (NB-IoT)
  • 3D beamforming, 3D MIMO
  • Carrier aggregation evolution to 32 carriers
  • Utilization of Unlicensed bands: LTE-WiFi Interworking and LTE for Unlicenced Bands (LTE-U)
  • Latency minimization to 1 ms
  • Cloud radio architecture


  • Targets (NGMN, ITU)
  • 3GPP and deployment schedlie
  • Spectrum
  • Physical layer
  • Protocols
  • Network architecture
  • Data rates, coverage, capacity and latency


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Dr Harri Holma


NSN Fellow - Radio System Performance,
Nokia Networks, Finland

Harri Holma joined Nokia Research Centre in 1994 and received his M.Sc. He has been with Nokia Networks since 1998 and has been located both in Finland and in USA during that time.

He is currently working as NSN Fellow with Nokia Solutions and Networks with special interest on radio system performance. He completed his PhD at Helsinki University of Technology 2003.

Dr Holma has edited the books "WCDMA for UMTS", "HSDPA/HSUPA for UMTS", "LTE for UMTS", "LTE-Advanced" and "Voice over LTE" and contributed to a number of other books in the radio communication area.

Dr Antti Toskala


Head of 3GPP Radio Standardization,
Nokia Networks

Antti Toskala (M.Sc) joined the Nokia Research Center in 1994, where he undertook WCDMA system studies. In September 1995 he joined the ACTS FRAMES project, and in the later phase, worked as the team leader for the work package which defined the FMA2 WCDMA concept. During 1997, he worked as a Senior Research Engineer and CDMA Specialist participating in the ETSI SMG2 UMTS standardization work.

He chaired the UMTS physical layer expert group in ETSI SMG2 during 1998, and from 1999 (the start of the 3GPP activity) until 2003 he worked in 3GPP as chairman of the TSG RAN WG1, the group responsible for the physical layer of the WCDMA standard. His group was responsible for the standardization of WCDMA physical layer, High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) and for the start of uplink packet data evolution (HSUPA).

From 2003 to 2005 he worked as Senior Standardization Manager with System Technologies, at Nokia Networks and contributed to product development as the HSDPA Chief Architect for Nokia Networks.

From 2005 to 2006 he worked with Nokia Networks as Senior Standardization Manager focusing on HSPA and LTE standardization.

Currently he is with Nokia Solutions and Networks, in Espoo, Finland working as the Head of 3GPP Radio Standardization, with technical focus on HSPA and LTE evolution.

He has co-authored what are considered to be the 3 definitive books in 3G (“WCDMA for UMTS”, “HSDPA/HSUPA for UMTS” and “LTE for UMTS”). He regularly lectures on WCDMA, HSPA and LTE technologies in various universities and institutions around the world and has a large number of patents and publications in the field.

As part of the 2010 LTE World Summit LTE Awards, he received the “Award for Individual Contribution for LTE Development” recognising his contribution to both LTE standardization and LTE knowledge spreading in the industry.


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