Mind, Value and Mental Health: Summer School in Philosophy and Psychiatry

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Thu 13 Jul 2017 - Fri 14 Jul 2017

Mind, Value and Mental Health: Summer School in Philosophy and Psychiatry


This summer school is linked with the 2nd International Conference in Philosophy and Psychiatry (15 July 2017).

3rd Oxford Summer School in Philosophy and Psychiatry: 13-14 July 2017

An interactive, two-day summer school delivered by experts in the field with guest lectures and seminars on topics including philosophical psychopathology, empathy, trauma, depression/bipolar disorder and epistemic injustice and psychiatry.

Sessions will consist of presentations by seminar leaders, and collaborative talks providing opportunities for substantial dialogue between philosophers, clinicians, scientists and others.

To facilitate the discussion, participants will be sent a targeted reading list, and are encouraged to come to the School (if they wish) having prepared relevant material from their own experience - as clinicians, service users etc. - to share with the group (suitably anonymised if necessary).

Course directors:

The events will be led by members of the Oxford Faculty of Philosophy and postholders in other related fields: 

Programme details

The interactive summer school provides an opportunity to discuss current issues with experts in the fields of philosophy, science and mental health.

The morning sessions involve a combination of lectures and discussions with a philosophy focus, and the afternoon sessions take a seminar format.

Philosophical Psychopathology Today

Giovanni StanghelliniProfessor of Dynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy, Chieti University 

Matthew BroomeSenior Clinical Research Fellow, University of Oxford 

Empathy and Psychopathology 

Anita AvramidesReader in Philosophy of Mind, University of Oxford

Jonathan ColeConsultant in Clinical Neurophysiology, Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust  

Dan ZahaviProfessor of Philosophy, University of Copenhagen 


Sarah Majid, Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy, The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust

Derek BoltonProfessor of Philosophy and Psychopathology, King’s College London

Psychiatric Diagnosis and Cultural Difference

Diagnosis and the Concept of Culture
Elisabeth HsuProfessor in Anthropology, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, School of Anthropology, University of Oxford

Workshop: Clinical Engagement through Cultural Dialogue

This session will look at a pioneering approach that deploys ‘culture’ as a crucial metaphor for establishing therapeutic engagement with acutely mentally unwell people in psychiatric in-patient units, regardless of their ethnic identity. In particular, participants will recognise the critical importance of both professionals and patients’ cultural identity, in shaping encounters in an acute clinical setting. The session will also enable participants to learn the application of medical anthropological theory in routine clinical practice.
Sushrut Jadhav, Senior Lecturer in Cross-cultural Psychiatry, University College London

Samrat SenguptaConsultant Forensic PsychiatristBroadmoor Hospital

Depression and Bipolar Disorder 

Stephen McHugh, Research Fellow in the Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford  

Benedict SmithLecturer in Philosophy at Durham University

Epistemic Injustice and Psychiatry

Elianna FetterolfPost-doctoral Research Fellow, University of Oxford

Abdi Sanati,  Consultant Psychiatrist at North East London NHS Foundation Trust 

Please note that the programme may be subject to change.

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Both events will take place at St Hilda’s College, Oxford with stunning grounds running down to the River Cherwell and beautiful views over the Botanic Gardens, Christ Church Meadow and the spires of the city.

Summer School

Limited en suite accommodation for the nights of 12 and 13 July is included in the Residential fee for summer school delegates. Additional en suite accommodation on 14 and 15 July is included when booking the Summer school and Conference (en suite package) option.

Further nights may be available, please contact us for details.

Alternatively it is possible to book bed and breakfast accommodation at other colleges.


Summer School and Conference (en suite package): 12-16 July: £1630.00
Summer School and Conference (non-res package): 12-15 July: £1155.00
Summer School only (non-residential): 13-14 July: £995.00
Summer School only (residential): 12-14 July: £1370.00
Standard accommodation: 14 July: £42.50
Standard accommodation: 15 July: £42.50

Various packages available.


When applying (either online or by downloading an application form), please select from the following options:

  • Summer School only (residential): £1,370
    • Attendance at all sessions on 13 and 14 July
    • Philosophy and Psychiatry Summer School resource pack
    • Certificate of Attendance on successful completion
    • En suite accommodation at St Hilda’s College 12 and 13 July
    • Breakfast, lunch and refreshments on 13 and 14 July
    • Evening meal 13 July
    • Drinks reception and Gala Dinner 14 July
    • Internet access
  • Summer School only (non-residential): £995
    • Attendance at all sessions on 13 and 14 July
    • Philosophy and Psychiatry Summer School resource pack
    • Certificate of Attendance on successful completion
    • Lunch and refreshments on 13 and 14 July
    • Drinks reception and Gala Dinner 14 July
    • Internet access

Additional accommodation 14 and 15 July

  • Standard accommodation: £42.50 per night, includes breakfast


Summer school and conference packages are available to book via the Summer school and Conference combined booking page.


Dr Edward Harcourt


Edward Harcourt has been a member of the Oxford Philosophy Faculty and a Fellow of Keble College since 2005. His research is in ethics, in particular in moral psychology, and he has published on topics including neo-Aristotelianism and child development, the ethical dimensions of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, the moral emotions, love and the virtues, Nietzsche's ethics, the philosophy of mental health and mental illness, literature and philosophy, and Wittgenstein.

From 2010-15 he convened the Meaning and Mindedness: Encounters between Philosophy and Psychoanalysis seminars at the Tavistock Clinic, London. He was Principal Investigator of the Wellcome/ISSF project ‘Therapeutic Conflicts: Co-Producing Meaning in Mental Health’(2014-16) and of the AHRC network ‘The Development of Character: Attachment Theory and the Moral Psychology of Vice and Virtue’ (2016-17). He served until recently as Chair of the Oxford Philosophy Faculty Board and is currently on secondment as Director of Research, Strategy and Innovation at the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Dr Anita Avramides

Director & Tutor

Anita Avramides was born in New York City. She attended Packer Collegiate Institute, in Brooklyn and then Oberlin College, in Ohio, where she majored in Philosophy. After a year of working and studying in Paris, she attended University College London where she received her M. Phil. in philosophy. She received her D. Phil from Somerville and Queen’s Colleges in Oxford. In 1990 she was appointed to the Southover Manor Trust Fellowship in Philosophy at St. Hilda’s College in Oxford, and in 2008 she was made a Reader in the Philosophy of Mind in the Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford University.

Professor Martin Davies


Martin Davies is Wilde Professor of Mental Philosophy at the University of Oxford and a Fellow of Corpus Christi College. He was Wilde Reader in Mental Philosophy from 1993 to 2000 and then took up a Professorship in the Research School of Social Sciences at the Australian National University, returning to Oxford in 2006. Before coming to Oxford for the first time, as a BPhil and then DPhil student at New College, he studied philosophy and mathematics at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. After completing his doctorate, he taught at the University of Essex for a year and was then a Fellow by Examination at Magdalen College Oxford before moving in 1981 to Birkbeck College London.

Martin Davies’s research interests are in philosophy of mind and philosophy of cognitive science, with recent work on delusions including anosognosia for motor impairments, the methodology of cognitive neuropsychology, and consciousness, and empirical collaborations on the illusion of self-touch (a version of the rubber hand illusion), inattentional blindness, and motion-induced blindness. He is a Fellow of both the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia and the Australian Academy of the Humanities.

Professor Bill Fulford


KWM (Bill) Fulford is a Fellow of St Catherine’s College and Member of the Philosophy Faculty, University of Oxford; and Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Mental Health, University of Warwick Medical School. His previous posts include Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist, University of Oxford, and Special Adviser for Values-Based Practice in the Department of Health. Bill has led on a number of key academic and administrative developments in the philosophy of psychiatry and has published widely in this field, including Moral Theory and Medical Practice and co-authoring The Oxford Textbook of Philosophy and Psychiatry. He is Lead Editor for the Oxford book series International Perspectives in Philosophy and Psychiatry, and Founder and Co-editor with John Sadler of the international journal Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology (PPP), which he founded in 1993. His recent publications include the launch volume for a book series from Cambridge University Press on Values-based Practice - Fulford, KWM, Peile, EP and Carroll, H., Essential Values-based Practice: Clinical Stories Linking Science with People (2012, Cambridge University Press). He is the lead editor for the Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Psychiatry (published 2013).

Dr Matthew Broome


Senior Clinical Research Fellow, University of Oxford

Dr Broome is a clinical psychiatrist specialising in the neuroscience and epidemiology of the onset of psychiatric disorders. His current research focuses on the early psychopathological changes that indicate the development of major mental illnesses in adolescents and young adults...more 

Professor Giovanni Stanghellini


Professor of Dynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy, Chieti University

Professor Stanghellini is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. He has published extensively on a range of disorders including schizophrenia, depression, and eating disorders, and his work integrates psychopathology, phenomenology, epistemology and neuroscience...more

Dr Elianna Fetterolf


Post-doctoral Research Fellow, University of Oxford

Dr Fetterolf is a specialist in moral philosophy and moral psychology. Her work examines a range of issues at the intersection of philosophy and psychiatry including moral emotions, motivation, responsibility and agency...more

Abdi Sanati


Consultant Psychiatrist at North East London NHS Foundation Trust 

Dr Sanati is a consultant psychiatrist and Chairman of the Philosophy Special Interest Group of the Royal College. He has completed the MSc programme in Philosophy of Psychiatry, and his current philosophical interests are epistemic injustice, human rights and delusions. He active in promoting philosophy among psychiatrists.

Dr Benedict Smith


Benedict Smith, Lecturer in Philosophy at Durham University

Dr Smith is a research fellow at the Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing and a Lecturer in Philosophy at Durham. His work focuses on the philosophy of mind and psychiatry as well as issues in moral philosophy including motivation, trust, and the role of concepts in our moral thought and practice...more

Dr Stephen McHugh


Research Fellow in the Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford 

Dr McHugh’s research examines the cellular and molecular basis of learning and memory, with a particular emphasis on the way in which the brain forms and retrieves unpleasant memories of experiences, contributing to states of fear and anxiety...more 

Prof Derek Bolton


Derek Bolton, Professor of Philosophy and Psychopathology, King’s College London

Professor Bolton is an Honorary Clinical Psychologist in the South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and Professor of Philosophy and Psychopathology at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London. He specialises in anxiety disorders and PTSD in children and adolescents, as well as philosophical issues in psychiatry...more

Dr Sarah Majid


Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy, The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust

Dan Zahavi


Professor of Philosophy, University of Copenhagen

Professor Zahavi specialises in the phenomenological tradition, particularly the work of Edmund Husserl. His research examines the social dimension of empathy, self-experience, emotion, intentionality, shame and social cognition...more

Dr Jonathan Cole


Consultant in Clinical Neurophysiology, Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust 

Professor Cole specialises in peripheral neurophysiology. His work promotes a ‘neurophenomenological,’ empathic approach to the treatment of neurological impairment. He has written on the relation between ‘self’ and ‘face’ revealed by facial difference, and is a member of the advisory council of Changing Faces, the UK charity involved in support for those with facial disfigurement...more

Prof Elisabeth Hsu


Professor in Anthropology, University of Oxford

Elisabeth Hsu is Professor in Anthropology at the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology of the University of Oxford, and Governing Body Fellow at Green Templeton College.  Her research interests lie within the fields of medical anthropology and ethnobotany, language and textual studies. They concern Chinese medicine; the transmission of knowledge and practice; pulse diagnosis; body and personhood; touch, pain, feelings, emotions, and sensory experience ... more

Dr Sushrut Jadhav


Dr Jadhav is a street psychiatrist and clinician anthropologist in London, UK. His formal designation is Senior Lecturer in Cross-cultural Psychiatry, University College London; Consultant Psychiatrist, Camden Homeless Outreach Services & Islington Mental Health Rehabilitation Services & Lead Clinician, Cultural Consultation Service, Camden and Islington Community Health and Social Care Trust. He is founding Editor, Anthropology and Medicine journal (Taylor & Francis, UK)...more


Final numbers have now been given to the venue. Please email conferences@conted.ox.ac.uk if you would still like to attend and we will see if we can accommodate you.

Level and demands

These events will appeal to a wide range of people with a professional and/or academic interest in the fields of philosophy and/or mental health. To participate fully in the summer school, all attendees are expected to have an undergraduate degree or equivalent and professional experience in the fields of philosophy and/or mental health, either through training, work or personal experience.