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Nelson, Trafalgar and Victory at Sea

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Sun 26 Jul 2020 - Sat 01 Aug 2020

Nelson, Trafalgar and Victory at Sea


The Oxford Experience is a residential summer programme providing one-week courses in a variety of subjects aimed at non-specialists. It offers a choice of seminars each week over a period of six weeks.

More than two centuries after his greatest triumph and tragi-romantic death in battle, Horatio Nelson remains the ultimate symbol of national heroism, Britannia’s ‘God of War’ personified. This course will study the Navy’s evolution across the turbulent eighteenth century and examine Nelson’s career from Midshipman to Admiral against that backdrop. The actions, setbacks and victories which marked his rise to fame and success will be considered, as will his complex character and controversial private life.  The course will look closely at the Battle of Trafalgar itself and evaluate how this uniquely overwhelming victory has influenced naval ambition and philosophy ever since.

Programme details

Seminars meet each weekday morning, 09.15-10.45 and 11.15-12.45, with afternoons free for course-related field trips, individual study or exploring the many beautiful places in and around the city.

The Navy: Britain, a small Atlantic archipelago, advanced to maritime ascendancy across the 18th century, eventually defeating all-comers. The first day will consider this progress, the development of the Navy that Nelson entered in 1771, and that of its opponents’ fleets, as well as examining the central role the Navy played in the social and industrial evolution of the period.

Early Life: not only a flair for leadership but also consummate seafaring skill characterised Nelson’s early career. Yet patronage and good fortune also played their part, and his assertive years in the West Indies stalled his career. His rise to independent command in the Mediterranean will be studied as well as injury at Tenerife and brilliant success at the Battle of St Vincent.

Advancement, Victories and Discredit: Nelson achieved flag rank in 1797 and was publicly honoured as his fame grew. His triumph at the Battle of the Nile in 1798 is considered, plus the emerging controversy over his private life as he became involved with the Hamiltons and the Naples court. This is contrasted with his brilliance at Copenhagen in 1801.

Outing to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard: as well as visiting other historic ships including Henry VIII’s wonderfully preserved Mary Rose and the 1860 HMS Warrior, which bridged the eras of sail and steam, this day will focus on the Trafalgar tableau at the National Museum of the Royal Navy and an extensive tour of HMS Victory, Nelson’s Trafalgar flagship and the world’s oldest commissioned naval vessel.

Triumph, Death, and a Lasting Legacy: Trafalgar’s planning, progress and outcome will be considered as will the genius of Horatio Nelson and his ability to command such loyalty and devotion among his ‘band of brothers’ and the sailors of the fleet.  Finally the course will review the ways in which Trafalgar influenced the naval philosophy of many nations and became the holy grail of big fleets well beyond the age of sail.


Field Trip

Destination:   Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Excursion Rating: Moderate
Up to two hours' walk on even ground or up to an hour's walk on rough and/or steep ground or up lots of stairs and steps.


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Programme fee (no accom–incl. field trip, lunch and dinner) £1170.00
Programme fee (with single en-suite accom, field trip and meals) £1665.00
Programme fee (with single standard accom, field trip and meals) £1480.00


Mr John Harris


Former Merchant Navy and Naval Reserve Officer with a specialist interest in British naval history, John Harris leads cruises and battlefield tours on maritime themes. He teaches maritime history programmes for The Oxford Experience and is Steward Emeritus of his college, Christ Church. He was co-organiser of a 2002 Oxford conference to which many Bletchley veterans contributed archive material.

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There are no assessments for this course.


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