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online short coursesWe offer an increasing range of accredited, 10-week online courses for the general public. These are taught at first-year undergraduate level. We currently have courses in:

New courses are being added each term so join our mailing list here to ensure you are kept up-to-date with our latest news and discount offers. Most courses have waiting lists so do enrol early.

Field Survey Techniques Online Courses
Additionally we offer a range of 5-week online courses in Ecological Survey Techniques. Courses can be taken for credit or without credit, and are utilised both for professional development purposes and for personal enrichment.

There are no formal entry qualifications for our short introductory courses, all you need is enthusiasm, commitment, a high degree of motivation and a willingness to engage in discussion with others. However, to ensure that you can participate fully in a course you must meet the requirements for English language and computing skills.

How the courses work

Our online courses are run asynchronously so you do not have to be online at any specific time. They are, however, structured as ten one-week units with directed readings and guided, text-based discussions, and students should aim to be online a few times during each week. We recommend an average of ten hours study per week - not all of this needs to be online as this includes time for the directed readings from the course texts. As we have students studying from around the world the courses are designed to fit around your lifestyle from wherever you may be studying, and you can access the course whenever it is convenient for you. All discussions take place via online forums. These are, however, not live; students can add their comments/questions at any time.

No physical attendance is required for our short online courses. All study, communication and assessment submission is undertaken through the course site. You may find it helpful to visit our online short course demonstration site where you can get a feel for the online learning environment.

Each of our online courses has an introductory "ice breaker" session that gives you a gentle introduction to the online course study environment and will include some activities designed to get you working online and introducing yourself to your fellow classmates (using the online student common room forum), working offline reading a chapter or two of your course text book and perhaps even asking you to post a comment about those chapters to the online discussion forum.

You will be required to do these types of activities throughout the duration of the course and it is worthwhile remembering that the more you contribute to the forum discussion sessions and take part in the course activities, thee more you will get out of your online experience.

Oxford's online courses are facilitated by our highly dedicated subject-matter specialists. The role of our online tutors is to provide academic support for you and your fellow classmates by supervising and monitoring all student and course activities and by personally contributing to the forum discussions and providing individual feedback on assignments and exercises.

To contact the Online Courses Office, please email us at onlinecourses@conted.ox.ac.uk.

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