Painting in China from the Tang Dynasty to the Present Day

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Sat 30 Mar 2019
9.30am - 5.30pm

Painting in China from the Tang Dynasty to the Present Day


What is Chinese painting? What makes it different from Western painting and how does it come to look the way it does? On this day course we will trace the development of a unique pictorial language shaped by a combination of Daoism, Confucianism and calligraphy, which led to some of the most sublime landscape painting (the superior genre in China) the world has seen. We also look at painting in China in the 20th and 21st centuries, where Western influences have been adapted and have mutated according to local political and social contexts.


Programme details

9.15am             Registration.

9.30am            Introduction to the principles and ideas behind Chinese

                        painting: Painting from the Tang Dynasty to the Yuan 

                        Dynasty. The growth and consolidation of landscape

                        painting and the literati tradition.

11.00am           Coffee/tea.

11.30am           Paintings from the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty;

                        landscape painting as individual protest, expressions of

                        exile or acknowledgement of a superior moral order.

1.00pm            Lunch.

2.00pm           Modern and contemporary painting in China.

3.30pm            Tea/coffee.

4.00pm           The influences of Chinese painting on developments in

                        post-war modern and late modern painting, including

                        Abstract Expressionism.

5.30pm            Course disperses.

Recommended reading


  • Yang Xin, Richard M. Barnhart, Nie Chongzheng, James Cahill, Lang Shaojun, Wu Hung Three Thousand Years of Chinese Painting () (New Haven and London , 1997)G. Rowley, Principles of Chinese Painting, (Princeton, 1959)67.
  • M. Sullivan, Symbols of Eternity, The Art of Landscape Painting in China (Oxford, 1979)
  • Wu Hung, Contemporary Chinese Art (London, 2014)



Tuition (includes coffee/tea): £67.00
Baguette Lunch: £4.90
Hot Lunch: £14.00


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Mr Oliver Gosling

Course Tutor

Oliver Gosling is a painter. He studied at the Royal College of Art and since graduating in 1985 has been exhibiting nationally and internationally; latterly in China, where he lived for nearly eight years. He is a lecturer in Fine Art Painting (BA and MA) at the University of Brighton and has designed and delivered a number of courses for the Department  for Continuing Education, University of Oxford. For the same department he also runs a module annually for the Certificate in the History of Art on the materials and techniques of Western painting, historical to contemporary.   


Dr Catherine Oakes

Director of Studies

Dr Cathy Oakes is Director of Studies for the History of Art, OUDCE. 


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