Persuasive Writing Techniques

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Sat 23 Mar 2019

Persuasive Writing Techniques


It is not easy to persuade and influence people when writing – whether in business reports, sales or advertising literature, funding applications/letters, or marketing products and services online. How do we stand above the competition, present ideas effectively, and win arguments? This course will critically analyse some of the techniques used by professionals and explore ways for writing persuasively.

We start the day by looking at the advantages of planning your work, profiling your audience, and understanding their perspective. Before lunch we look at popular techniques and specific vocabulary that can help you present your message and ideas effectively. In the afternoon we focus on advertising and sales literature; discuss how they use headings and emotions in their writing, and evaluate the techniques.

The final session is a chance to apply the writing principles and techniques of the day – working on either something you have brought or the tutor's exercise.

Programme details

9.45am           Registration

10.00am         Focussing on your audience

                        Planning before starting to write. Profiling your readers/audience –understanding their background, perspective and possible reservations.

                       Robert Bullard

11.20am         Coffee/tea

11.40am         Presenting arguments and ideas

Writing techniques and vocabulary that can persuade readers. Tips for writing letters, applications and reports.

                       Robert Bullard

1.00pm           Lunch

2.00pm           The power of advertising

                        We look at how advertisements and sales literature use headings and emotions to influence. Learn some techniques that you can use We will evaluate some of these techniques.

                       Robert Bullard

3.20pm           Tea/coffee

3.45pm           Practice your persuasive writing skills

                        A chance to practice the techniques from the day, and (if you want to) test your writing's persuasiveness on other delegates.

                        Robert Bullard

5.00pm           Course disperses

Recommended reading

  • Atkinson, I. FT Essential Guide to Business Writing: How to Write to Engage, Persuade and Sell (Financial Times, 2011)
  • Bullard, R. Business Writing Tips – For Easy and Effective Results (Perfect Text, 2015).  [Course tutor]
  • Mannering, K. Persuade People With Your Writing (Teach Yourself, 2012)
  • Maslen, A. Persuasive Copywriting (Kogan Page, 2015)
  • Shaw, M. Copywriting: Successful Writing for Design, Advertising and Marketing (Laurence King, 2012)
  • Young, S. Brilliant Persuasion (Pearson, 2017)


Tuition (includes tea/coffee): £67.00
Baguette lunch: £4.90
Full lunch: £14.00


Mr Robert Bullard


Robert Bullard is an Oxford based writer, editor and trainer in writing skills ( He has been helping businesses and individuals with their writing since 2003, drawing on his previous experience as a feature writer for national broadsheet newspapers and websites, including the Guardian and The Daily Telegraph. He gives several training courses for the Department of Continuing Education.

Dr Mashail Ali

Director of Studies

Dr Ali is a Departmental Lecturer and Director of Studies in Language and Cultural Studies, OUDCE.


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