Smart Styling for the Web

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From £176.50

Sat 26 Jan 2019 - Sun 27 Jan 2019

Smart Styling for the Web


This intermediate-level course in web design and development takes visual form and actions to greater depth.

It provides hands-on practical knowledge and experience of applying style to the latest standard CSS3 alongside HTML5 and the public JavaScript library jQuery.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and client-side scripts have transformed the look of the web, giving designers and developers outstanding control of website presentation and behaviour across many devices from desktop PCs to mobile phones and tablets.

The short course is designed for students who have some experience of designing and building web pages using HTML such as that provided by the ''Website in a Weekend' course.

Students will have experience and competence in using Microsoft Windows, files and folders, HTML and CSS.

During the weekend course students will undertake exercises to develop their understanding and confidence with the core concepts of web development using standards based methods and tools.

Participants are asked to bring an external storage device, e.g. USB stick, for this short course in web design and web development.

Programme details


8.45am     Registration

9.00am     What is a stylesheet?
                 Separating presentation and style from structure and content.  
10.30am    Coffee/tea
11.00am    Units of measurement; selectors; classes and IDs
12.30pm    Lunch
1.30pm     Page layout; wireframes; positioning and shorthand notation
3.00pm    Tea/coffee    
3.30pm     Cascade and text formatting; style conflicts; inheritance and specificity
5.00pm    Day One ends


9.00am     Colour notation and opacity; background images; radial and linear gradients  
10.30am    Coffee/tea
11.00am    Embedding videos; formatting and validating forms
12.30pm    Lunch
1.30pm     The jQuery public JavaScript library
3.00pm     Tea/coffee    
3.30pm     Styling for mobile devices, an introduction
5.00pm     Course ends


Tuition (includes tea/coffee): £176.50
Baguette lunch (both days): £9.80


Mr Glenn Clarkson


Glenn Clarkson is a web developer and photographer who runs a web design and development business. His career has been in publishing and technology for the media, defence and IT industries.

Mrs Lesley Clarkson


Dr Cezar Ionescu

Director of Studies

Dr Cezar Ionescu is Associate Professor of Data Science with the  Oxford University Department for Continuing Education.  His main interests include functional programming, correctness of scientific computing and machine learning algorithms,  and the role of computing science in education.