The Artistic Genes

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Sat 25 May 2019

The Artistic Genes


Do genes have an artistic pattern? Art has a wide range of types and shapes: drawings, painting, photography, poetry. With advanced imaging and protein structure technologies, we can discover how beautiful molecules are with their intricate 3D structure.

It is the work of genes that enable thousands of beautiful molecules floating in our cells to deliver the functions that make us what we are as living humans. We will look at some of the artwork of genes when they paint protein structures in a similar way to that of artists presenting their paintings – in exhibition style.

We will first introduce the genes before unveiling their artwork. Then we will see images of protein molecules ‘painted’ by genes. After appreciating how they look in 3D, we will extend our appreciation to yet another type of ‘art’ by looking at gene functions.

We will discuss details about function and how each gene connects to our body’s activity. We will specifically look at the genes’ arts in three areas: how genes control and regulate the cellular structure and identity, the nerves and the muscles.

The Artistic Genes course is the first time ever that genes will have their own gallery, presenting their own art. In the 'genes exhibition', the plan is that their art work will be presented side by side with the artists’ works in the Oxford Art Festival 2019.

Programme details

9.45am            Registration

10.00am          Introduction to Genes

                        Amr Abdelgany

11.15am            Coffee/tea

11.35am           Genes Exhibition Session 1: molecules and cells

                        Amr Abdelgany

1.00pm            Lunch

2.00pm            Genes Exhibition Session 2: molecules and nerves

                         Amr Abdelgany

3.15pm            Tea/coffee

3.45pm            Genes Exhibition Session 3: molecules and muscles

                        Amr Abdelgany

5.00pm           Course disperses

Recommended reading

Jonathan Slack, Genes: A Very Short Introduction. OUP Oxford, 25 Sep 2014.


Tuition (includes tea/coffee): £67.00
Baguette lunch: £4.90


Dr Amr Abdelgany

Course Tutor

Amr is a College Lecturer in Molecular Medicine who has worked on gene therapy since his DPhil at Oxford. He then continued his research at Oxford exploring novel genetic methods for discovery of new therapies. Amr has taught for the department since 2012.

Dr Thomas Hesselberg

Director of Studies

Thomas is a zoologist who has studied spiders, insects and worms for more than 15 years in both temperate and tropical climates. In addition to his teaching for OUDCE, he is a lecturer in biological sciences at St. Anne's College.


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