Amy Price

DPhil in Evidence-Based Health Care


Can Online Trials Improve Self-Management of Health Interventions? A Mixed Methods Participatory Action Research Investigation

Research abstract

The thesis: Can self-recruited online randomized controlled trials provide trustworthy answers to questions about self-management of health interventions? and Can the public and patients be engaged meaningfully in the design and conduct of such trials? The aim is to develop a sound methodology for conducting participatory online trials and to explore how online trials can be used to improve the degree of public involvement in health research. The thesis will look at how involvement and methodology impact trial quality and the degree to which participants understand research.


Professor Amanda Burls is a Professor at the School of Health Sciences, Health Services Research & Management (encompassing Public Health) and is a Public Health Physician, with special interests in Evidence-Based Health Care and Public and Patient involvement in Health Care and Health Research. Amanda is a Senior Fellow of the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine , and a fellow of Kellogg College

Associate Prof. Dr. Su May Liew is an Associate Professor in the Department Of Primary Care, Faculty Of Medicine, University of Malaya, She is also a Senior Fellow of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine.

Professor Mike Clarke   Professor Mike Clarke is the Director, Northern Ireland Hub for Trials Methodology Research and Centre for Public Health, Queens University Belfast and He is Podcast and Journal Club Editor for The Cochrane Library and is a founder of Evidence Aid , seeking to make it easier to use evidence from reviews in natural disasters and other humanitarian emergencies.


Amy Price worked as a Neurocognitive Rehabilitation Consultant and in International Missions before sustaining serious injury and years of rehabilitation. She emerged with a goal to build a bridge between research methodology, research involvement and public engagement where the public is trained and empowered to be equal partners in health research. Amy’s experience has shown her that shared knowledge, interdisciplinary collaboration, and evidence based research will shape and develop the future. She serves as a BMJ Research Fellow and is a member of the BMJ Patient Panel. For additional publications see her  Research Gate Profile


Price A, Burls A. Increased water intake to reduce headache: learning from a critical appraisal. J Eval Clin Pract 2015;21:1212–8. doi:10.1111/jep.12413

Price A. Public led online trials and participatory action research : Why do we need them ? Eur J Pers Centered Healthc 2016;4:340–5. doi:10.5750/EJPCH.V4I2.1095

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Papers and lectures

Brice A, Price A, Burls A. Creating a database of internet-based clinical trials to support a public-led research programme: A descriptive analysis. Digit Heal 2015;1:1–13. doi:10.1177/2055207615617854

Purkayastha S, Price A, Biswas R, et al. From Dyadic Ties to Information Infrastructures: Care-Coordination between Patients, Providers, Students and Researchers. IMIA Yearb 2015;10:68–74. doi:10.15265/IY-2015-008

Price AI, Djulbegovic B, Biswas R, et al. Evidence-based medicine meets person centred care: a collaborative perspective on the relationship. J Eval Clin Pract 2015;:n/a – n/a. doi:10.1111/jep.12434


Research interests

Randomised controlled trials methodology, Behavioral neuroscience, Public health Research involvement, Citizen science, prevention healthcare, self management in healthcare, e-health, Evidence-based healthcare, medical education