Emma Bonthorne

DPhil in Archaeology


The formation and definition of proto-Basque tribal landscapes in the Southwestern Pyrenees

Research abstract

This thesis proposes an examination of the archaeological material from sites throughout the Basque territories, incorporating landscape archaeology techniques with the goal of classifying and understanding the formation and evolution of the Basque tribal landscape from the late Bronze and Iron Age to the early Medieval period.

The project focuses on the archaeological applications of GIS to assist in understanding the visibility and movement of tribes identified by Roman authors within the boundaries roughly corresponding to the modern-day Basque Country.


Dr David Griffiths, Prof Gary Lock


Originally from Australia, Emma moved to the UK to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Archaeological and Forensic Sciences, and obtained a Masters in the Recovery and Identification of Human Remains. She has previously carried out excavations in Spain, Peru, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Kosovo and East Timor, and currently co-directs a number of archaeological projects throughout the Basque Country. 

Emma is co-founder of Aditu Arkeologia, a research company based in Biscay and specialising in archaeological research and geophysical prospection throughout northern Spain. 

DPhil start date: Michaelmas 2017

Research interests

Landscape archaeology, GIS and spatial analysis, Basque archaeology, medieval archaeology and osteology.