Sam Chun Wai Choi

DPhil in Sustainable Urban Development


How Was The "Berlin Of The East" Secured? - The Geo-Politics Of Urban Planning: A Case Study Of Hong Kong In The Cold War


Dr Idalina Baptista


Sam started his DPhil studies in 2017. He is a Lecturer at the Department of Asian and Policy Studies at The Education University of Hong Kong. He received both his BSSc and MPhil from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He worked intensively for research projects on the territorial governance of colonial Hong Kong (politics of water and agriculture), as well as the urban studies of post-colonial Hong Kong (urban life pattern in Hong Kong, funded by the Central Policy Unit of Hong Kong SAR Government). Currently, he is working on research projects relating to urban politics, China-Hong Kong politics, and politics of law. He is also active in analysing China-Hong Kong relations, and politics of Greater China regions on the media.

Research interests

Historical Political Geography, Urban Politics, Geopolitics, Politics of Law, Cultural Politics, Hong Kong Studies