New Book: Country House Technology

The importance of the country house as a pioneer of 'taste' has long been a popular subject for art and architectural historians - but its role as a pioneer of new technology has received less attention.

The new book Country House Technology, edited by Dr Paul Barnwell (our Director of Studies in the Historic Environment), draws from numerous examples across Great Britain and Ireland, and explores a range of technologies - gas, plumbing, electricity and a host of gadgets - which were introduced into country houses before making their way into the wider world.

Country House Technology is the second book in the series 'Rewley House Studies in the Historic Environment', and is available at Rewley House reception for the discounted price £35 of (regularly £40). Those who live at a distance from Oxford can order the book directly from the publisher at a price of £35 (postage included) to UK purchasers or £40 (postage included) to anywhere else in the world. Contact Shaun Tyas on email at: and by telephone on +44 (0)1775 821542.

Information on the first book in the series, The Medieval Great House can be seen on our news page.

Published 12 October 2012