Places of Worship in Britain and Ireland: 1150-1350

This book is the third in a series on Places of Worship in Britain and Ireland – a series which will ultimately comprise nine volumes, and will cover the buildings of all major religions, denominations and types of religious institutions which have existed from the introduction of Christianity in the late Roman period to the present.

The series editor is Dr Paul Barnwell, Director of Studies in the Historic Environment. 

The period considered in this volume saw the rise of the great cathedrals, the spread of reformed monasticism (including nunneries), the coming of the friars, and the spread of the parish system into every corner of Britain and Ireland. Architecturally, the emergence and spread of the Gothic style is of special significance, but as important was the evolution of plan and form to accommodate new forms of worship driven by developments in theology and liturgy.

According to the publisher, Shaun Tyas, the richness of the period covered is such that there is no attempt to be comprehensive; instead, the emphasis is on the main kinds of institution, and particularly those for which good physical remains can still be seen.

Cathedrals, monasteries of the larger orders, nunneries, friaries and parish churches are all represented, in some instances with examples drawn from across Britain and Ireland, in others with a focus on a particular area.

The dominant themes of this volume are the maturation of the medieval church, the permeation of Christian values and institutions throughout society, and the creation of the universal Church of the middle ages binding Britain and Ireland, and the western Church as a whole, into a broadly common religious culture. Wherever possible, consideration is given to the ways in which buildings were used, and there are chapters on the development of liturgy and on the importance of images to liturgical and devotional practices.

The Places of Worship series, which is part of the Rewley House Studies in the Historic Environment, publications arising from residential weekend events on the theme of Places of Worship in Britain and Ireland, each of which aims to provide an overview of current research on buildings and worship in a particular period.

Copies may be ordered from the publisher post-free within the UK, or through any bookseller. Please contact the publisher, Shaun Tyas: email:; telephone: 01775 821542; address: 1 High Street Donington, Lincolnshire, PE11 4TA. RRP £45, but for readers of the Newsletter who contact the publisher directly, £40 including postage.

Published 6 July 2018