Tutor information

Olga Siemers

Dr Olga Siemers is a researcher and tutor in political economy with research interests in international migration and labour markets; inequality and economic policy; EU and global studies. Olga holds a PhD in Employment Research from Warwick University and a MA in Politics from Freie Universität Berlin.

Currently, she is working on an experimental research project at the Open University Business School examining the impact of financial education on individual behavior and budgeting skills. Funded by the Chancellor’s International Scholarship, her doctoral research about careers of high-skilled migrants explored the outcomes of the EU policy to promote and financially support academic mobility in Europe. Before her doctorate, Olga spent a year as a DAAD funded visiting researcher at the European University Institute in Fiesole, Italy.

With her international and multidisciplinary background, Olga is a proponent of mixed-methods research with strong command of survey and secondary data analysis, randomised controlled trials, qualitative interviews and focus groups. Prior to the academic career, Olga was working as a research assistant to an MP in German Parliament responsible for conducting practice-oriented research and policy analysis focused on burning political issues at the time.