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George A. Robertson

Dr Robertson began his consulting practice in January 2018 after ten years as the Senior Technical Advisor, Vaccine Development at the global health nonprofit, PATH. For eight of those years, he led and personally advised and authored numerous vaccine manufacturing and development plans and accompanying GMP documents for the Vaccine Development Global Program (later Center for Vaccine Innovation and Access). His work in this highly matrixed, international environment included projects on ETEC, Shigella, rotavirus, influenza, malaria, pneumococcal and yellow fever vaccines. During this time, he was the Quality Officer and as such he approved all GMP documentation for vaccines going into clinical trials to include quality agreements, batch records and deviation reports. Additionally, he set up and led a highly successful developing country vaccine manufacturer quality improvement program at PATH to advance manufacturers to ICH and WHO prequalification quality standards and made over 80 overseas trips to lead and verify progress.

Previously, Dr Robertson had led vaccine quality control operations at major pharmaceutical companies such as Merck and Wyeth and participated actively in commercial development projects for Merck Varicella and Hepatitis A vaccines. His experience and accomplishments have also included vice-presidential leadership positions at small biotech companies such as DOR BioPharma and professional associations such as Parenteral Drug Association (PDA). He received his PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Pennsylvania.