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Ferdinant M. Sonyuy

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Ferdinant (Ferdy) is the Chair of the Interim Secretariat of the African NCDs Network (ANN) since September 2020. He is also the Secretary General of the Cameroon Civil Society NCD Alliance and President of the Reconciliation and Development Association (RADA). He has worked in the domain of NCDs since 2015, where he was central to the establishment of the NCD prevention and control program of the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services, led an awareness and screening campaigns in 11 health districts in 7 regions of Cameroon which educated 1million + and screened 60,000+ people through comprehensive NCD risks exposure assessments.  He is also a One Young World Ambassador, a 2019 US Department of State Community Solutions Fellow and Union for International Cancer Control Fellow. Meet our me on Twitter @ferdinantmbiy working towards sustainable solutions to community development challenges.