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Mamsallah Faal-Omisore

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Mamsallah is a practising GP/Family physician. She began work as a GP in inner city London, before moving to South Africa to work in operational research at the interface of HIV and primary care, subsequently working as a Clinical Lecturer in Family Medicine at Wits University. Most recently Mamsallah has worked in clinical practice in Lagos alongside a role as Faculty at the Healthcare Leadership Academy: HLA Africa. With an MSc in Global Health Policy from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Mamsallah is also a seasoned health policy consultant and is currently based between the UK and Nigeria. With PCI, Mamsallah has worked with the WHO, UNHCR, IRC and others to strengthen primary healthcare systems in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia, with a focus on building capacity for NCD care in primary healthcare. She is currently leading efforts to grow and expand an open access Covid-19 e-learning resource for front-line health workers in resource-poor settings. She is also providing leadership for a collaboration with the WHO, which will see PCI co-create a package of NCD learning resources for global roll-out as part of a programme building capacity for integrated primary care.