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Jan Zawadzki

Head of Artificial Intelligence, CARIAD SE

Jan Zawadzki is the Head of Artificial Intelligence at CARIAD SE, Volkswagen Group's central software development unit. With its 4,000 employees and goal to ramp up to 10,000 until 2025, CARIAD SE will become Europe’s second largest software company behind SAP. AI plays an integral role in CARIAD’s mission to developing the VW.OS, which will power VW Group vehicles in the future. Jan is also an experienced global Management Consultant and Data Scientist. He has a BA in Business Administration from Goshen College, IN, USA, a M.Sc. in Computer Science from Trier University of Applied Sciences, Germany, and currently studies towards his Part-time MBA from ESMT Berlin. Jan is passionate about advancing the automotive industry through machine learning and sharing his knowledge in the fields of Project Management and AI. He is a top contributor to the “Towards Data Science” Publication on Medium and enjoys supporting the team around Deep Learning Luminary Andrew Ng. Jan has more than 8,000 Followers on LinkedIn, Medium, and Twitter.