Tutor information

Asimina Syriou

Business Applications & Partnerships Engineer, European Space Agency (ESA)

In her current role at the European Space Agency, Mina is responsible for developing and promoting space-based applications and services in different thematic areas and vertical sectors focusing on sustainable development. She’s responsible for establishing and developing strategic partnerships with private and public stakeholders in innovative technological domains and markets. Part of her role also involves supporting start-ups, new ventures and early-stage business concepts on space-tech related inquires. Additionally, Mina coordinates the Environment, Natural Resources and Wildlife Working Group for downstream applications within TIA-A.

For more than a decade, Mina has cultivated her skills as a geospatial and Earth observation specialist, combined with business development, project management and executive leadership expertise. This has been achieved through a track record working across NGOs, the Scottish government, academia, start-ups, the United Nations and the space sector as her last stop.

Mina is a STEM Ambassador. She is a Fellow and a Chartered Geographer at the Royal Geographical Society, a mentor at the “Women in Geospatial+” group and an Advisory Board Member. She holds a BSc in Geography from Harokopio University of Athens and an MSc in GeoSciences and Remote Sensing from the engineering department of the University of Edinburgh.