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Teresa Escrig

Principal Project Manager, Microsoft Autonomous AI 

Dr Teresa Escrig is a principal project manager at Microsoft Autonomous AI, evangelizing Machine Teaching. In her prior role at Microsoft Consulting Services she was leading the Responsible AI initiative.  

Dr Escrig started her career in academia where she gained her PhD in AI / Qualitative Modeling applied to Service Robotics, was the lead of the research group “Cognition for Robotics Research”, published 100+ peer review research articles, 3 books and was the PI of several research projects. She founded of a couple of startups in the AI field, where she led the development of several products from ideation to delivery, including IP protection in different fields of applications, from service robotics, to cyber security, DNA sequencing, computer vision, and edge computing.  

Dr Escrig was the AI global lead on Cognitive Computer and Computer Vision at Accenture, where she led the development of a module to provide transparency to Autonomous Vehicles (patent pending) and contributed to the patent to discover bias in ML algorithms. She recently published “Safe AI – A blueprint for executives to harness the benefits of AI without the unintended consequences.”  

Her key message to attain responsible AI is through integration of AI technologies, which is what she is working on now with the Autonomous AI group.