Tutor information

Antonio Gulli

Office of the CTO, Google Cloud 

Antonio has a passion for establishing and managing global technological talent, for innovation and execution. His core expertise is in cloud computing, deep learning, and search engines. Currently, he serves as Eng. Director for the Office of the CTO, Google Cloud. Previously, he served as Google Warsaw Site leader, doubling the size of the engineering site.

So far, Antonio has been lucky enough to obtain professional experience in 4 countries in Europe and has managed teams in 6 countries in EMEA and U.S: In Amsterdam, as Vice President for Elsevier, a leading scientific publisher; in London, as Engineering Site Lead for Microsoft working on Bing, Search; in Italy and U.K, as CTO, Europe and UK for Ask.com; and in several co-funded start-ups including one of the first web search companies in Europe.  

Antonio has co-invented a number of technologies for search, smart energy, and AI, with 20+ patents issued/applied, and he has published several books about coding and machine learning, also translated into Japanese, Russian, Korean and Chinese. Antonio speaks Spanish, English, Italian, and he is currently learning Polish and French. Antonio is a proud father of 2 boys, Lorenzo, 19, Leonardo, 14, and a little queen Aurora, 10 years. We all share a passion for inventions.