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Prachi Bhatnagar

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Prachi's research interests are in health inequities, intervention development and the social and environmental determinants of physical activity and diet. She has extensive experience in cardiovascular disease epidemiology, having published reviews and written numerous annual reports on the epidemiology of cardiovascular disease and its risk factors. Prachi has also worked as a Research Coordinator with NCDFREE, a global social movement aimed at using innovative and creative methods to raise awareness of NCDs among millennials.

Prachi completed her PhD at the University of Oxford in 2014, using the socio-ecological model to explore intergenerational differences in the physical activity of UK South Asians. She used both quantitative and qualitative techniques to explore how ethnic background influences physical activity in the context of the wider physical and social environment. Prachi's teaching commitments include teaching Health Promotion to Human Science undergraduates and Medical Students. 

Prachi has a degree in Biological Anthropology from the University of Cambridge and a Masters in Public Health from Imperial College London. She joined the Centre on Population Approaches for NCD Prevention in 2008.